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Freinds Only

More to be added soon. Like entries and stuff old lj freinds. Just getting this all re set up

Writer's Block: B.Y.O.B. Holidays

I really want a job that doesn't hurt my back and makes me want to kill myself.

In order to do that I need to get my insurance in order and see a back doctor. Then I need to quit the bullseye and get a new job.

So I guess I need some interview clothes or a gift card to procure them. Gift cards for books would we awesome as well.

and in things that won't happen:
A Nook
Miraculous Kelly Clarkson tickets (considering one ticket is 90 bucks and fees and they are sold out and I don't want the back seats that are 60)
What is on your holiday wish list this year? One random answer will win a $50 Amazon gift card. [Details here]

Merlin Heroes and Glee Oh MY!

I fail at keeping up with my TV updates. Part of the reason was I was busting my but through my work at home job to make up the cash that wont be made when I see Kelly Clarkson and part of the fact was I had no clue what I thought of Merlin until like 30 minutes ago when it dawned on me while taking a show. (TMI? I don't care) Then since Merlin wasn't up I put off Heroes. And I just realized that Glee is on tonight so I should just wait to post this until then.

Merlin 2.03Collapse )

Heroes 4.03Collapse )

Glee 1.05Collapse )

Heroes: 4x01

So I was going to sit down and type out from all my notes of the two hours what I thought of the episode, but while I liked it on the whole I still have the general feelings of well that sucked can It get better? left over from last season.

Some shows like Merlin for example I watch knowing the effect arn't the best and sometimes it is just laughable, but I still ship the hell out of it and enjoy it like crazy and care about the characters and the eycandy and the story. Other shows like all the random cake decorating shows I watch because I am in awe of what they can do with food. Other shows I watch for the lulz like Top Model, Gossip Girl, and Vampire Diaries (and in the case of the last two eye candy) Then there are the shows like Lost I watch for the characters and the story. Glee falls in this as well (along with eye candy. These are the shows I talk about the most. Heroes was in that category, but after last season and the bringing back of Ali Larter again, the disappearances of Micah Monica, and MOLLY, the weirdness of the Bennet storyline, I found myself not really caring.

This episode seemed promising so just in case it turns into one of those shows here are some base thought.

spoliers.Collapse )

I know some of my friends love this show and I know I seem fusterated. I haven't jumped ship I just want to be surprised again and I miss season 1. Those clips and the start killed me.


So Like last time I updated I am really depressed.

This time nothing set it off and I am just lonely. I just feel un loved and trapped and life sucks.

I know theres a meme i said I'd do. I know i should update you all and actually comment on entries, but when I feel like this I don't want to do anything. I tend to close myself off to people because they hurt me. And then when there are moments (like tonight when I crave human interaction I get none. So If there is anyone as bored as I am on a Saturday night who feels like trying to cheer the stupid depressed shy girl up. Here is your oppurtunity.

Pic spams. Random ficlets and Get to know you questions are all welcome. I don't want to talk about depression. That is the only rule.

I'm also on skype and aim anyone wants to talk there rather than through LJ comments. just let me know and we can trade screen names.

and this goes for whenever you see it. Not just Saturday night.

Obviously if you got her through twitter tell me who you are.

anonymous post is enabled.

and if you aim me or Skype me (the links are in my profile tell me who you are or i'll just ignore you.)

Sorry to all new friends

If you saw this I;m okay now.

Life sucks

So i've started the scarf twice and screwed up and had to start over. I think I am casting on too tight.

but In other news I just got fired.

My life sucks. Anyways cheer me up while I shower and answer as many chacha questions as I can until 10pm tonight. Then I shall watch a movie and try the scarf again

Scarf update.

So I wish I was keeping track of my weird ChaCha questions in order to share them with you all so I could have something to say other than OMG yay scarf.

But I just ordered my yarn after deciding to go with using atypically's azkaban patternl and I'm excited. I probably wont get the yarn till next week, but thats okay. I looked online at micheal and AC Moore (the two shops in my area) and realized that they didn't have a Hufflepuff yellow color. I'm using lion brand wool ease yarn in Gold and Black. The colors remind me of cedrics scarf and since I plan on making the whole 13 repeats it will be way long so I might call it my Cedric scarf.

Knitting in the round doesn't scare me now that i've watched a video how to.

I ordered needles and stitch markers as well. I think after this I might try a hat.

Here I go getting ahead of myself.