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Merlin Heroes and Glee Oh MY!

I fail at keeping up with my TV updates. Part of the reason was I was busting my but through my work at home job to make up the cash that wont be made when I see Kelly Clarkson and part of the fact was I had no clue what I thought of Merlin until like 30 minutes ago when it dawned on me while taking a show. (TMI? I don't care) Then since Merlin wasn't up I put off Heroes. And I just realized that Glee is on tonight so I should just wait to post this until then.

So I really felt like this episode was shoving the Arthur/ Gwen down our throats, only to have it be like oh whatever, it won't work. Sure *~*THE KISS*~* was all back lit and pretty. Yes Gwen had many awesome truthful lines, but It annoyed me Arthur didn't realize that was her bed. Sure the I now have a new OTP of Arthur/Chicken. And Arthur learned stuff and yay. But is just seemed like lalalalala this would be awesome oh wait duh won't work. I think if the build up was along the lines of last week and this episode took place later in the season I would have liked it more?

The Merlin stuff with Gaius was well done. Merlin's rant was the awesomest thing ever. Because really that boy has too much on his shoulders and Gaius doesn't help much. When he talked about how Arthur was cooking to gwen was the best thing ever as well. The leeches and flailing were awesome as well. ( I guess if all else fails I'm going to keep watching this show for Colin Morgan?)

Uther's excitement at the tournament was hilarious. It probably had something to do with the fact the second time I watched this my dad was watching the Patriots game in the other room and seemed to be yelling at the tv whenever they showed Uther.

the knights utter failure of doing anything right with out Arthur to lead them was awesome as well.

Despite the fact that , Colin Morgan, Uther, and the knights made up for most of the rushed feeling of Arthur and Gwen's relationship something was still missing....

Oh wait. I haven't mentioned Morgana have I? Well thats because who the hell knows what she was doing other than being at the tournament. One dream or even her catching Merlin being an idiot while stealing food or something would have been nice. Also who was looking after her whole Gwen was hiding Arthur. I said over at ontd_merlin in the rewatch post that she must have been looking for a new maidservant. I stand my that.

I guess I love OT4 more than I thought and the imbalance upset me. I dunno. I still freaking love the show and can't wait for next week. But I hate when relationships I want to like get rushed.

These thoughts are all sorted by character

I finally understand the Sylar thing. He is trapped in Matt's brain. Does that mean that His dad is as well? (if the writers even remember that) When Matt looked under the stairs I thought of Molly and half wish she was under there dead or alive just to get resolution to her story line (but I'm glad she wasn't) I like bad Parkman. This seems promising. Besides Monologuing!Sylar is always win.

Gretchen still creeps me out. I'm glad Claire has a new Zach. But why can't it be Zach? I like the she managed to convince HRG to let her try on her own. I hope it works.

Peter's storyline is intriguing. nearly killed me when he wasn't all I lost a brother. I wonder what He'll do in terms of going bad or not.

I like deaf ladies power. It's shiny. I like shiny.

Samuel scares me and I can't figure out what his power is. Manipulating ink? dirt? Carbon based matter? I can't believe he destoyed a house because he couldn't go in. He is a promising Villain though.

This episode should have been called Kristen Chenoweth takes over Glee. Yes she is awesome. Yes her being there taught Will and Rachel important lessons. Yes the fact that she bribed Kurt with muscle men and booze was hilarious.

But other than that there was no Finn dealing with Quinn or Terri lines. it seemed like a complete departure from all the Character development. Rarely anyone but Cheno sang. I love Cheno but this week I only bought Alone and Somebody to love. (some of the notes in Maybe this Time hurt my ears and Last Name is too country for me) Usually the unique vocal arrangements is what sells me on the song.

The play was a joke. I hate Finn for toying with her emotions, but he's a boy so yeah.

This episode feels out of place. Next week? Seems amazing.

I'm also listening to the full version of Alone and Allison Iraheta did it better. Although the fact that Matthew Morrison sings a verse makes me happy. I still want the full Leaving on a Jet Plane. Somebody to love is freaking amazing.