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Take a breath and listen

Open up stop wishing

11 November
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The Girl
I am a 25 year old who is still living at home despite the fact I have a bachelors in communications. I am looking for work and also work as a ChaCha guide. The majority of anything personal will be either complaining about my family or recounting funny things from either job. I struggled with depression in the past and don't really have a social life due to trust issues. Anything else will be fandom squeeage (and some complaining because well It is fandom but more on that later. I also had some weird heart surgeries when I was younger.
Fandoms and Other Intrests
Harry Potter is my life and yes I listen to Wizard Rock

Lost confuses the crap out of me and yet I still am addicted. I like having no clue what is going on I guess. I really think I am going to miss it not being on TV

Pushing Daisies may have died and Ned is having issues with bringing it back to life. I still love and and I don't think I ever will not like it

Glee fills me with Glee. This show makes me smile cry and makes me put some many random songs on my itunes.

Merlin is awesome. The sexual tension between everything and just everything about this show makes me happy

Doctor Who makes me smile so much. I wish it were possible. You have no idea.

Kelly Clarkson is awesome. I have seen her in concert 4 times. She is basically the only person I would pay to see in concert.

I am a Nerdfighter. Mainly I am a Harry Potter one but that can be expanded to reading. I have seen every Brotherhood 2.0 video.

I have this strange obsession with tea. I seem to collect it. I love to drink it. Hot or iced It doesn't matter.

I read way too much. I just love getting lost in a book and forgetting about what is happening to me.
Things I Love Without Fangirling
Chocolate. Lee Pace. Neville. Desperate Houswives. Narnia. Lucy Pevensie. Reading. Nerdfighting. Youtube. Pink. Gossip Girl. Ice Cream. Zombies. Nate Archibald. PJ Pants. John Green. Collab Channels. Twitter. Skype. Top Chef. Uglies. Amazing Race. William Moseley. Starburst Jellybeans. Alison Iraheta.
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