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Project Runway

I am so glad they started using non traditional materials.

I loved Carol Hannah's dress. I don't get why she wasn't top 3. it looked awesome and the red didn't look like blood.

Althea's dress was awesome. I loved the pattern she created and sticking with something classic was a smart idea.

Gordanna's dress I liked. I liked the pattern and that it was wearable. I don't get why she was called out for being safe.

Irina's I hated. It looked like a paper coat and wasn't innovative. I would have loved her spot switched with Carol Hannah but she won. I guess i don't get trench coats.

Johnny's looked like a bunch of paper squares glued together and his story was bs. good riddance.

Nicholas was ugly. His smack talk is annoying me. I want him gone

Christopher made a gorgous dress and it should have won. It didn't look like a paper dress.