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hp expo

It was also a test to see if I was freaked out by the subway. I was not. I can now apply to jobs there.

But anyways.

I got to the museum and walked by the giant Chess piece Ron rode on in the first movie and didn’t even realize. lol. I went in to the museum’s main and realized that the cafe (I got there for lunch- it was easier) was open without the need to be admitted to the museum. So I left the main halls and got my hand stamped with a lightning bolt and geeked out inside. (It has since washed off- stupid shower).

I wanted to eat at this place called the Cauldron in the museum because I thought it was ironic but I didn’t want Curry and my mom was planning on making beef stew soon. So I got Dino chicken nuggets :) I have two modes of operation apparently. Harry Potter Nerd or 4 year old.

I ate and then decided to find the entrance to the HP thing so I could find it again. I found it and realized that they won’t let you go upstairs till about 5 minutes before hand. I had an hour to kill. So I wandered around the museum.

Finally it was time for me to go up. I get there and my group of people is me and 4 other college aged people. They have you stand in a line where you can hear Hedwigs theme and I just kept going omg omg omg inside. Then you walk into a room and a really hot guy with a British accent is holding the sorting hat. Then he asks for a volunteer. There were no kids in the group and we were all just like uh. So I was like I’ll do it. It put me in Hufflepuff. (and I refuse to think its because the guy asked me what house I like and I said Hufflepuff.) I SAT ON THE SORTING STOOL AND THE REAL SORTING HAT SAID HUFFLEPUFF. I AM A WIZARD. My feet didn’t touch the ground either. That made me lol.

Then you go in another room and some girl with a British accent (everyone had British accents it was awesome) is like “welcome first years” and i was all 579JFVKVNERBVHGEUORCNWKP I AM A WIZARD JESSICA and you are standing next to THE HOGWARTS EXPRESS. LIKE THE LOCOMOTIVE CAR. I WASN’T EXPECTING TO SEE IT.

Then you go into another room and some other possibly British dude is like stand here in the middle of this dark room and I’m like expecting death eaters to show up and murder us and this is all one big joke but these screens just started playing a bunch of Hogwarts Express clips and people meeting each other for the first time from the movies and I teared up because I am a sap.

Then finally you walk into another room see a bunch of portraits and they MOVED! and then you walk through the Fat Lady and now here is where to don’t remember the exact order. The room thing was riddikulous.

The main part of the exhibit was props and costumes and stuff. The first section was the Gryffindor common room but it had professors costumes in it too. I really liked the details on everything. And I got to see where Ron and Harry sleep.

Snapes robes are a really dark blue which I found surpising. Lockhearts robes were so detailed. I really likes to look at the costumes. It kind of helped me realized that these people are real.

One of the moments that got me real hard in this room was when we got to Lupin’s section. The boggart wardrobe was there and I was stuck because the people next to me were taking forever to read about Lupins robes and wand. Azkaban (the movie) was my first experience with Potter when my friend dragged me to see it for free when it played in between the theaters and the dvd release at my colleges student union. That scene and Lupin’s character were what made me check out the books shortly after HBP came out. I was stuck standing looking in the mirror of that wardrobe for 5 minutes and It just hit me that this is real and that I really am surrounded by things from this thing I love so much.

Next to lupin was Umbridge (There was no Mad Eye anything. I mean they could have had the eye or leg) and I just thought It was hilarious how pink and the cat plates and the fact that something so evil was next to Lupin’s stuff.

I found that the more I liked the character the more interested I was. I stared at Herminone’s wand forever. And they had Neville’s plant thing too.

Then i came up to herbology and pulled the mandrake out of its pot. It didn’t knock me out. I has powers. Next room was full of quidditch stuff. Some kids were all like why do the uniforms change so much and I laughed because they don’t understand directors. I found the altar of Oliver Wood and appropriately left my sacrifice. and then it was divination and Hagrids. I got to bow to buckbeak and look at the clothes from the end of PoA which was fun because I loved that scene and Hermione’s card was like she was wearing this when she punched Draco and the fact that was on there made me lol. Then I sat in hagrids chair saw Aragog and the hungarian hortail

Then I entered the land of evil. I was all dementors and the statue that harry was tied to of Gof and Draco and Lucius (which made me lol and excited because Draco’s costume was the only movie one and 2 student robes) And the red sweater Harry wore at the end of SS which made me go omg he was so TINY. And azkaban robes. And the petrified Colin Creevy which was cool.

Then between that and the GREAT HALL YES THEY BUILT ONE IN THE MUSEUM) there’s a room with all of Unbridges decrees and the british lady there was like go get really close and read the last line. I did and it was a key smash the same one on everyone but still. Then she goes do you know who Robert Pattinson and I bit my tongue from going unfortunately. she goes well there’s a picture of him on the buttons. So I go in the great hall and there was rpattz face. and yule ball dresses/ robes and the weasly twins school robes which was neat because it was so detailed. Like one of the ties was more faded and one was new. They also had two sets of Dumbledore robes (one for each) This made me happy because Richard Harris is dumbledore to me. And there was a Dobby. I couldn’t look at him for long though.

One thing (and I hope to god I didn’t miss it) I missed was Luna. There were no ravenclaw robes or quibblers or lions hats or spectra scopes and that made me sad.

Then I went in the gift show and I was all excited because I thought maybe they would acknowledge the fact Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw exist unlike every other store on the planet being the Harry Potter EXHIBIT and all. But no. All the shirts and ties were green and red. I ended up getting a black and yellow Dumbledore’s army shirt because it was the best I could do.

Then I had more time to kill so I wandered more. I found the dinosaurs and the baby chickens except one of them looked like it was dying. (The chickens not the dinosaurs) They also had a random Where’s Waldo but I gave up.

And that was my day.


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