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The Scarf Chronicles: The Beginning.

Let it be known that on July, 20th 2009 at 6:14 pm I twittered I was going to teach myself how to knit a scarf. And since I love Harry Potter so much It will be a Hufflepuff PoA style house scarf because I'm a 'Puff and I like the PoA scarfs the best.

This is crazy because I don't know anything about knitting other than how to add basic stitches once a scarf has been started but I never finished a scarf (bad Hufflepuff I know... but it accidentally got thrown out when I was moving out of college) and I have no clue how to switch colors or anything.

But I want to do this so here goes.

Time to put my inner ravenclaw to use and research. I'll keep you all updated on The Scarf Chronicles.